Equitable Adjustment Of The Property Rate Management Information System (PRMIS)

The Support to Local Governance Processes (SULGO) programme is a Tanzanian – German cooperation project to assist the Tanzanian Government in its decentralization process.

SULGO has been supporting the development of a more efficient and equitable Property Rate Management Information System (PRIMS) to collect property rates,  DPC assisted SULGO to consolidate the Local Adjustment Zoning (LAZ) methodology of the property rates system by:

  • Addressing the issue of homogeneity of rating blocks within LAZ
  • Comparing  LAZ actually defined for property rates and those  used by the Ministry of Lands for collection of Land Rent
  • Proposing a mechanism for automation of LAZ design for i-PRIMS application
  • Proposing a mechanism for automated update routines for LAZ zoning
  • Proposing a mechanism for the automated calculation of average construction costs