Mobile Money Use (M-PESA)

M-PESA Usage in Tanzania (M-PESA). The overall objective of the study was to establish customers’ understanding and perception of the product.

M-PESA by Vodacom was the first mobile money service introduced on the Tanzania market. It is a service for sending, receiving, storing money, purchasing airtime and payment of utility bills such as water, electricity and DSTV. The objective for this research was to understand the current M-PESA usage and non usage. The aim was to understand the behavior and factors influencing M-PESA usage, and to determine ways to increase M-PESA uptake. The research explored the issue through the following specific research objectives:

1. To assess the strengths of Vodacom’s corporate brand in supporting the marketing and usage of M-PESA

2. To find out usage behavior and reasons for low M-PESA usage in Tanzania

3. To explore the extent of competition for this service in the Tanzanian market

4. To assess the effectiveness of the marketing/communication strategies employed by Vodacom

5. To map out ways/strategies to increase usage of M-PESA by a broader section of the Tanzanian population DPC Ltd was contracted to design the sample, guide the field teams in their preparations for qualitative research and undertake quantitative analysis of Vodacom data. DPC consolidated the user data, mined and analyzed it and produced a report with recommendations on how to increase the uptake of M-PESA.