SDC SAP review

Review of Social Accountability Program for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) SDC’s Social Accountability Program (SAP) strives to improve the use of public resources, increase linkages between local and national advocacy for accountability, and ensure equitable access to quality social services, particularly in agriculture and health. The SAP addresses an essential aspect of democracy: that citizens know their rights and are empowered to demand public services for which they are entitled.

This external review covered approximately two years of the SAP, which began in June 2011 and ended in May 2014. Through this exercise, SDC sought to provide their governance team with a basis for planning a follow-up phase to the program. Primarily, the review aimed to help SDC know more about the relevance of the SAP within the context of Tanzania. It evaluated the SAP design n terms of coherence and complementarities, and aimed to provide a better understanding of its strengths and weaknesses and management with respect to efficiency. It also examined whether mainstreaming of gender aspects of the program were considered.

DPC designed separate online questionnaires and individual interview guides for three categories of resource people: national and local civil society organizations (CSOs); SDC staff and backstoppers; and beneficiaries, social accountability (SA) initiatives not funded by SDC and SA experts. Several of these respondents were then involved in individual and group interviews, providing detailed information that helped present a comprehensive picture. DPC simultaneously carried out a literature review on the effectiveness and sustainability of the SAP that, along with the data collection and interpretation, provided a solid basis for recommendations going forward.