TVET, Skills & Entrepreneurship

Mapping Study on Vocational Education, Skills Training and Entrepreneurship in Tanzania The objective of the study was to provide an overview of the actors, the programmes and initiatives in the field of Vocational Education, Skills Training and Entrepreneurship in Tanzania in order for the Swedish Embassy to make informed decisions on how to implement the country strategy.

The Result Strategy for Sweden’s International Development Cooperation in Tanzania runs from 2013-2019. The major focus areas in the strategy are
1) Moren jobs nd developed energy and agricultural markets,
2) Improved education and increased entrepreneurship, and
3) Strengthened democratic accountability and transparency, and increased awareness of human rights.

In order to decide the most efficient way in which Swedish support can facilitate a greater number of young people to complete vocational education and training, and increase productive employment opportunities, DPC was commissioned to conduct a mapping study covering Vocational Education, Skills Training and Entrepreneurship.

The study was conducted between October 2014 and January 2015 through a desk study of research reports and programme documents; analysis of FinScope 2013 data in income and financial access; key informant interviews with stakeholders in vocational training, skills building and entrepreneurship initiatives, as well as private sector; and case studies of initiatives where supply side and demand side have been matched. The study was presented at a validation seminar at the Swedish Embassy where key stakeholders discussed the findings and the way forward.