Agricultural Finance Markets Scoping (AgFiMS)

The Agricultural Finance Markets Scoping (AgFiMS) is a diagnostic tool which researches, collates and presents data about the demand for and supply of financial services in the agricultural sector. It aims to boost the supply of, and enhance the access to agricultural finance through market-leading innovation and policy change. DPC project managed the study and was responsible for disseminating the information to both public and private sectors, including the development of the AgFiMS website.

AgFiMS was funded by the FSDT the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and  the Rockefeller  Foundation. The first AgFiMS took place in Tanzania between April and September 2011. The research design, methodology and approach         is likely to be replicated in multiple countries. It will then form the basis of a cross-country benchmark of progress in developing agricultural financial markets, allowing stakeholders to learn from successes and challenges in other places.