FinScope 2013

FinScope is a nationally representative, consumer perception survey measuring the demand for and supply of financial services in developing economies. [Devised by FinMark Trust it has been conducted in 15 countries across Africa.]

FinScope is a pan-African survey conducted in Tanzania in 2006 and 2009. Funded by the Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT), DPC managed both surveys, and was responsible for dissemination of findings. The FinScope Tanzania 2013 survey has now been completed, while dissemination of the results is ongoing. Again, DPC was responsible for overall project coordination and dissemination, planning key activities and coordinating service providers to ensure efficient implementation of the survey. It also involved quality assurance, facilitation of working groups and steering committees, and development and implementation of the dissemination strategy. As well, DPC conducted qualitative research, pre-and post-fieldwork, to inform the survey instrument and to better understand the findings.

FinScope measures the demand for and supply of financial services, and the barriers to access. The sample covers the entire adult population, rich and poor, urban and rural, in order to create a segmentation, or continuum, of the whole market and to lend perspective to the various market segments. It explores consumers’ use of informal as well as formal products and builds a picture of the role the informal sector can play in the financial markets of developing countries.

As a consumer perception study, it also encompasses attitudes, behaviours, quality of life factors and consumption patterns. FinScope provides a benchmark for comparison across the continent.