Ruka Juu 2011

Impact Evaluation of Ruka Juu 2011

Ruka Juu is a new Entertainment-Education initiative in Economic Empowerment in Tanzania by the civil society media platform Femina HIP.

Ruka Juu was launched on national television in 2011. The first season focused on Entrepreneurship and Financial Education. During 11 episodes, six young micro- entrepreneurs went through a number of competitive challenges to explore money management, look at savings options, deal with emergencies, find working capital and write a business plan.

The aim of Ruka Juu is to inspire and educate young people about entrepreneurship through a programme that is both entertaining and educational. Part of the objective is to encourage the audience to interact with the show through SMS voting and by providing feedback through questions and comments. DPC conducted the impact evaluation of Ruka Juu together with a research team from the NHH Norwegian School of Economics, in close collaboration with the M&E department at Femina HIP.

The impact evaluation was conducted through a Randomized Controlled Trial with a treatment group and a control group in secondary schools. As well, we conducted Focus Group Discussions with in-school youth, out-of-school youth and the Ruka Juu contestants. The results show that Ruka Juu has inspired as well as informed the audience around the country and that the Ruka Juu contestants have become local heroes and trainers in their local communities.