We provide you with scientific answers to your questions

In Tanzania, as in many other countries, a huge amount of data is available in the public domain. Mining and analyzing such data from multiple sources, is however, a challenge. Many professionals want specific facts for their daily work and decision making. We bridge the gap between data and those who look for evidence-based answers.

We implement small qualitative and quantitative research projects, including market research. For this we count on a small highly qualified pool of field workers who are professionally trained in different research methodologies. We mine and analyze data which is electronically captured.

We coordinate nationally representative research projects, from the procurement of agents,  to planning, quality control, technical assistance and dissemination.
We have coordinated several nationally representative surveys.

A “Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation” (RBME) system starts with extracting indicators from strategic and operational plans, to measure the progress toward accomplishing operational objectives and strategic goals.

We disseminate research findings, from designing a dissemination plan, to selecting the appropriate agents, supervising and coordinating the development of dissemination materials, and events for different audiences.

As a partner with international consortium firms, DPC is the ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground for our international partners. Together–as virtual team members and in close collaboration–we are implementing multi-year programs. These programs are often carried out in multiple countries, drawing on extensive Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning input from consortium partners.